Managing Your Classroom

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Teachers often find that the hardest part of their job is controlling children's behaviour. The author gives practical advice not only on how to eliminate unruly behaviour but also on how to entertain pupils.


Contents; Introduction; Part 1 The Establishment Phase; 1. What is the establishment phase and why is it important?; 2. Rules and routines; 3. Sanctions and rewards; 4. Control by proxy; 5. Giving instructions to pupils; Part 2 Behaviour Management: Taking Things Further; 1. Body language, voice techniques and class control; 2. The role of questioning as a classroom management tool; 3. Strategies for increasing collaborative learning in lessons; 4. The importance of the physical environment; 5. Gaining the psychological advantage; Conclusion; Appendix 1 Summary of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs; Appendix 2 Justification of my ICT rules; Bibliography.


Gererd Dixie is an Educational Consultant and Advanced Skills Teacher in Initial Teacher Training in the UK. Gererd has over 30 years' experience in teaching, and was a Professional Development Tutor at a comprehensive school for 18 years.
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