Death and Religion in a Changing World

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Looking at how religious people approach death in the twenty-first century, this is a comprehensive study of the intersection of death and religion. It describes how people from a variety of faiths draw on and adapt traditional beliefs and practices as they deal with death in modern societies.


Acknowledgments; Introduction, Kathleen Garces-Foley; I. Religious Approaches to Death;
1. The Politics of Death and Burial in Native California, Dennis F. Kelley;
2. Contemporary Hindu Approaches to Death: Living With the Dead, Mark Elmore;
3. Judaism and Death: Finding Meaning in Ritual, Rebecca Golbert;
4. Buddhisms and Death, Robert E. Goss and Dennis Klass;
5. Roman Catholic, Anglican, and Eastern Orthodox Approaches to Death, Lizette Larson-Miller;
6. Protestant Approaches to Death: Overcoming Death's Sting, Glenn Lucke and Richard B. Gilbert, with Ronald K. Barrett;
7. Muslim Ways of Death: Between the Prescribed and the Performed, Juan Eduardo Campo;
8. Sikhism and Death, Kristina Myrvold; II. Death in Contemporary Societies;
9. Contemporary American Funerals: Personalizing Tradition, Kathleen Garces-Foley and Justin S. Holcomb;
10. Forms of Disposal, Douglas J. Davies;
11. Spontaneous Shrines and Public Memorialization, Sylvia Grider;
12. Disaster, Modernity, and the Media, Tony Walter;
13. Grief, Religion, and Spirituality, Dennis Klass; Epilogue, Evan Berry; About the Contributors; * Index.
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