How To Write Great Copy

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In our visually dominated age, there is an even greater reason for copy to be beautifully and sharply written, to have impact and immediacy. Dominic Gettins spent many years writing copy and training others to do so. In this slim elegantly written guide, he clearly demonstrates his ability to get his message across and shows readers how to do the same. He articulates the uncodified knowledge copywriters and art directors use when writing ads for readers to apply to any communications they have to produce.The techniques and principles can be applied to any form of promotional writing, in national press, newsletters, press releases, direct mail shots, posters, TV, radio, and even internal reports and memos. He presents these in the form of 8 essential rules: 1.Know your target market; 2.Do research; 3.Answer the brief; 4.Be relevant; 5.Be objective; 6.Keep it simple; 7.Know your medium; 8.Be ambitious.


introduction 1
eight copywriting rules 17
getting noticed 20
back to the rules 26

rule one: know your target market 29
who are you talking to? 30

rule two: do research 43
media 43
money 44
production methods 45
subject matter 46

rule three: answer the brief 51
planning 52
tone of voice 63
campaigns 69

rule four: be relevant 75
metaphor 76

rule five: be objective 87

rule six: keep it simple 95
twenty things to avoid 99

rule seven: know your medium 117
radio 118
posters 120
press copy 122
new media 131
television 137

rule eight: be ambitious 141
end of restrictions 144
ideas on ideas 145
be original 146

conclusion 155
using freelance copywriters 156
the power of words 160
examples 167
further reading 185
index 189


Dominic Gettins


“offers a great deal of help both for those who aspire to copywriting and to those who are already practicing the craft.” writing magazine
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