Catholic Divorce: The Deception of Annulments

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Many people believe that the Roman Catholic Church's teaching on marriage is clear and consistent: marriage is a sacrament, the marriage contract is indissoluble, divorce and remarriage are forbidden.In this book, theologians, historians, and sociologists overhaul the church's teaching and practice on divorce and remarriage, as well as personal testimonies from a number of persons who have gone through the annulment process.


Pierre Hegy is professor of sociology at Adelphi University in Garden City, New York. Joseph Martos is professor of religious studies at Spalding University in Louisville, Kentucky.


"'This book is a compilation of ten chapters concerning the teachings and practices of the Catholic Church on marriage, divorce, remarriage, and annulments. The editors have assembled in one book the opinions and research of experts in various fields of science that touch upon these topics in an attempt to change the present legislation of the church...The book is of high quality.' - Catholic Library World "Everyone who is concerned about the problem of Catholic divorce and remarriage will find something of interest in this book.... 'Christian Marriage and the Reality of Complete Marital Breakdown,' by Edward Schillebeeckx, is a 1970 essay never before published in English. This essay and the following chapter ('The Indissolubility of Marriage in Orthodox Law and Practice,' by Archbishop Peter L'Huillier) would be worth the price of the book." - New Theology Review "Overall, this book is a real joy to read. It's full of little kernels of wisdom, and it challenges many of our taken-for-granted understandings of the basis for the church's position on divorce and remarriage. For these reasons, the book will be of interest to a variety of audiences, from pastors and counsellors, to sociologists, historians, canon lawyers, and church leaders. Ultimately, however, the book will be most helpful to Catholic individuals and families who have suffered the trauma of marital breakdown... These individuals will find comfort in this book which seeks not only to uncover the deceit involved in many annulment proceedings, but also to articulate a 'theology of second chances' that regards remarriage...as a gift from God to start over again." - Sociology of Religion"
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