Liturgy in a Postmodern World

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April 2006



Grapples with the future of liturgy at a time of exceptional confusion and uncertainty in the Christian Churches. A conference was assembled in Rome in the summer of 2002 with papers from the brightest and most imaginative liturgical scholars in the world. This book, a result of the conference, evaluates the liturgical reforms of Vatican II.


1. Liturgy Forty Years After the Second Vatican Council: High Point or Recession - Godfried Cardinal Daneels; 2. "Lights! Camera! Worship!": The Cinema and its Challenges to Roman Catholic; 3. Worship in Post-Modernity - Richard Leonard, SJ; 4. Recovering Collective Memory in the Context of Postmodernism - Wendelin Koster, SJ; 5. Liturgy in the Life and Mission of the Society of Jesus - Robert F. Taft, SJ; 6. Liturgical Inculturation: Unity in Diversity in the Postmodern Age - Peter C. Phan; 7. A Response to Peter Phan - Mark R. Francis, CSV; 8. The Zairean Rite: The Roman Missal for the Dioceses of Zaire (Congo) - Leon Ngoy Kalumba, SJ; 9. Questions on the Liturgy: The Case of the Congolese (Zairean) Rite - Jules Kipupu Kafuti, SJ. 10. Eucharist as Diakonia: From the Service of Cult to the Service of Charity - Cesare Giraudo, SJ; 11. The Sacramentality of the Word - Timothy Radcliffe, OP; 12. The Liturgy of the World: Ecumenical and Inter-Religious Dialogue and its Challenges for Christian Worship in the Postmodern Age - Francisco F. Claver, SJ; 13. On the Road to Liturgical Unity: An Anglican Response to Bishop Francisco Claver - Canon Donald Gray; 14. Liturgy in a Religiously Plural World: Muslim and Christian Worship in Dialogue - Daniel Madigan, SJ; 15. Conclusion.


Keith Pecklers is Professor of Liturgy at the Gregorian University and simultaneously at Sant'Anselmo in Rome. He lectures internationally on topics of ecumenism and inculturation. He has written several books.

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