Assassinating Shakespeare: The True Confessions of a Bard in the Bush

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Februar 2007



The startling adventures of a young Shakespearean street performer in 1970s Africa.


Thomas Goltz is the author of Azerbaijan Diary, Chechnya Diary and Georgia Diary, as well as numerous news, feature and scholarly articles. He divides his time between Istanbul, Turkey and Livingston, Montana, and teaches at the University of Montana, Missoula. His website is www.thomasgoltz.com.


'The funniest history book I've ever read.' Margot Kidder 'The very definition of literate adventure. I laughed at length.' Tim Cahill, author of Lost in My Own Backyard 'A rollicking, on-the-road adventure story that is by turns laugh-out-loud hilarious and deeply affecting.' Scott Anderson, author of Triage 'I was thrilled, entertained, amused, and, yes, occasionally shocked by Thomas Goltz's youthful adventures and indiscretions in post-colonial Africa.' Valerie Hemingway, author of Running with the Bulls: My Years with the Hemingways '...hardly the average backpacker...Goltz is arrested and mugged in Ethiopia; he has to sleep in a cardboard box while destitute in Mombasa; is refused entry to Rhodesia, and thrown in jail for ten days in Botswana after inadvertently insulting a border official...'TLS
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