Advanced Engineering Economics

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Describes important and useful project evaluation and selection concepts and techniques that have developed over the past twenty years. These concepts and techniques--essential in making individual, corporate and public investment decisions--are presented in an integrated framework based upon traditional engineering economics principles. Four main sections--Basic Concepts and Techniques in Economics Analysis, Deterministic Analysis, Stochastic Analysis, Special Topics--cover a wide variety of subjects, including: accounting income, interest, inflation, the use of tranforms in cash-flow modeling, depreciation and corporate taxation, investment worth, utility theory, decision tree analysis and much more. A number of analysis techniques for public investments are described and decision rules for selecting among multiple alternatives are given. Features numerous case studies, illustrative examples, tables and end-of-chapter questions.


BASIC CONCEPTS AND TECHNIQUES IN ECONOMIC ANALYSIS. Accounting Income and Cash Flow. Interest and Equivalence. Transform Techniques in Cash Flow Modeling. Depreciation and Corporate Taxation. Selecting a Minimum Attractive Rate of Return. DETERMINISTIC ANALYSIS. Measures of Investment Worth--Single Project. Decision Rules for Selecting Among Multiple Alternatives. Deterministic Capital Budgeting Models. STOCHASTIC ANALYSIS. Utility Theory. Measures of Investment Worth Under Risk--Single Project. Methods for Comparing Risky Projects. Risk Simulation. Decision Tree Analysis. SPECIAL TOPICS IN ENGINEERING ECONOMIC ANALYSIS. Evaluation of Public Investments. Economic Analysis in Public Utilities. Procedures for Replacement Analysis. Appendices. Index.
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