Large-Eddy Simulations of Turbulence

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August 2005



Large-Eddy Simulations of Turbulence is an ideal introduction and reference to LES, direct numerical simulation and Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes simulation. The text features a detailed discussion of vorticity, pressure, and the velocity gradient tensor, and an in-depth discussion of spectral subgrid-scale modeling. These spectral models give insight into the requirements and limitations in subgrid-scale modeling and backscattering. The text also features a discussion of large-eddy simulation of compressible flows previously only available scattered throughout the literature and of interest to those dealing with supersonic flows, combustion, astrophysics, and related topics.


1. Introduction to LES; 2. Vortex dynamics; 3. LES formalism in physical space; 4. Spectral LES for isotropic turbulence; 5. Spectral LES for inhomogeneous turbulence; 6. Current challenges for LES; 7. LES of compressible turbulence; 8. Geophysical fluid dynamics.


Marcel Lesieur, Olivier Metais, and Pierre Comte, form the nucleus of the Grenoble Equipe Modelisation et Simulation de la Turbulence (the Grenoble team for modeling and simulating turbulence) and made significant contributions to the development of subgrid modeling of turbulent flows required for large-eddy simulation, and in the implementation of large eddy simulation methodology for research and applications. These authors were responsible for early research on spectral subgrid-scale closure, and the use of the closure approach in developing the physical space structure function model. More recently the authors have made significant contributions to the development of modeling for compressible turbulent flows.


'This book is an organized and structured presentation of the main achievements of the term created and lead by Marcel Lesieur in Grenoble since the 1980s in the field of large-eddy simulation of turbulent flows ... very richly illustrated, including very nice supplementary online movies, which help the reader to understand the flow dynamics. This movie gallery is certainly unique, and will be useful to all teachers of fluid mechanics. ... This book is a good first course in the field of LES. ... anyone interested in taking a first look at LES ... will enjoy it ... This book is certainly a welcome complement to others dealing with LES, since it is the only one to provide the reader with a large number of LES results. It can therefore be recommended to all involved in Computational Fluid Dynamics, including researchers, engineers and PhD students.' Journal of Fluid Mechanics
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