Diversity and Self-Determination in International Law

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August 2005



When does international law give a group the right to choose its sovereignty? In an original perspective on this familiar question, Knop analyzes the ways that many of the groups that the right of self-determination most affects--including colonies, ethnic nations, indigenous peoples and women--have been marginalized in its interpretation. Her analysis also reveals that key cases have grappled with this problem of diversity. Challenges by marginalized groups to the culture or gender biases of international law emerge as integral to the cases, as do attempts to meet these challenges.


Part I. Cold War International Legal Literature: 1. The question of norm-type; 2. Interpretation and identity; 3. Pandemonium, interpretation and participation; Part II. Self-determination interpreted in practice: the challenge of culture: 4. The canon of self-determination; 5. Developing texts; Part III. Self-Determination Interpreted in Practice: The Challenge of Gender: 6. Women and self-determination in Europe after World War I; 7. Women and self-determination in United Nations trust territories; 8. Indigenous women and self-determination; Conclusion.


KAREN KNOP is Associate Professor of Law in the Faculty of Law, University of Toronto, where she teaches international law and issues of self-determination in international law. She is editor, with Sylvia Ostry, Richard Simeon and Katherine Swinton of Re-Thinking Federalism: Citizens, Markets and Governments in a Changing World (1995).


Review of the hardback: '... Karen Knop presents a series of careful, yet provocative, readings of international legal texts on self-determination.' Fleur Johns, University of Sydney, , Leiden Journal of International Law Review of the hardback: 'Knop has written a highly impressive, intelligent and sensitive study which is compulsory reading for anyone with an interest in self-determination and, more broadly, for anyone interested in seeing how international law can be used creatively yet responsibly.' International Journal on Minority and Group Rights
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