Samuel Johnson's Unpublished Revisions to the Dictionary of the English Language: A Facsimile Edition

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Juni 2005



A facsimile, transcription and explanation of Johnson's own corrections to his Dictionary of the English Language.


Introduction; The British Library copy: description and provenance (with the Sneyd-Gimbel copy); The printer's copy for the letter B; George Stevens and Samuel Johnson; Notes on selected changes and annotations; Introduction; Notes; Policy of citing sources; Editions cited and works quoted; Facsimile; Transcription; Appendix: The Sneyd-Gimbel copy; Examples from the Sneyd-Gimbel copy.


Allen Reddick is Professor of English Literature at the University of Zurich.


'Reddick's opulent facsimile edition ... was designed with the needs of an academic audience in mind. ... This facsimile edition makes the main part of those unique documents widely available for the first time ... The core of Reddick's edition consists of high-quality reproductions of all the first-edition pages ... the book is well designed and pleasantly easy to use, given the complexity of the materials ... cheer and new fodder to Johnsonians worldwide.' Times Literary Supplement 'Dr Johnson's Dictionary remains one of the decisive texts both in reflecting linguistic changes and in shaping them. this volume gives readers a unique insight into how he worked and its publication is a fitting tribute not just to the Dictionary's compiler but to those who worked on this volume.' Contemporary Review '... a work of significant scholarship ... providing not only the source material itself, but also a commentary on it all. ... For those who simply enjoy dictionaries, or those like many readers of this journal who use them every day, this is also a source of great fascination. ... It tell us much about the processes underlying the Dictionary itself and as much, too, about its great compiler.' Reference Reviews
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