Anger, Revolution, and Romanticism

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November 2009



Andrew M. Stauffer explores the changing place of anger in the literature and culture of the period.


Introduction: fits of rage; 1. Towards Romantic anger; 2. Burke, Coleridge and the rage for indignation; 3. Inflammatory reactions; 4. Provocation and the plot of anger; 5. Shelley and the masks of anger; 6. Byron's curse; Epilogue; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


Andrew M. Stauffer is an Assistant Professor of English at Boston University.


"Stauffer's book has so much to tell us, not just about the subject of Romantic anger, but also about the very nature of human nature." Stephen C. Behrendt, University of Nebraska, Eighteenth-Century Life "...A study that is educative and stimulating, offering a detailed and compelling picture of the 'complex history...of negotiations regarding power, justice and the creative self' that emerges from the study of Romantic anger." Alan Rawes, University of Manchester, Romanticism "Stauffer's text brings forth a seminal study on Romantic anger that accomplishes an essential role in Romantic scholarship, placing his interpretations on anger within the context of cultural understanding." Linda Reesman, City University of New York, Romanticism on the Net "Anger, Revolution, and Romanticism is a brilliant analysis of 'anger management' in the Romantic period...[Stauffer] locates a literary rhetoric of anger in the wake of the French Revolution and connects this both to political language and to metaphors of anger in Romantic writing more generally as well as to medical theory and practice. " Orianne Smith and Matthew Scott, This Year's Work in English Studies Anger, Revolution and Romanticism is a thoughtful and wide-ranging study of an absorbing topic. This book will be long valued for its nuances exploration of the ever-timely question of how words on the page aim to inflict violence and cause harm." -Kim Wheatley, College of William and Mary, 1650-1850: Ideas, Inquiries, and Aesthetics in the Early Modern Era
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