Directory of Conductors' Archives in American Institutions

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This survey lists archival materials of conductors in the USA and the institutions where they are located. Entries include names of curators, location of collections, and contact information.


Part 1 Preface Chapter 2 1. Directory of Conductors' Archives in American Institutions Chapter 3 2. List of Institutions by State Part 4 About the Author


Henry Bloch has conducted professional and community orchestras including the Inter-School-Orchestra in New York, for which he was the founding conductor. He has served on the faculties of Brooklyn College, Herbert Lehman College and Seton Hall University and was also music director of the Woodstock Chamber Orchestra and Overlook Lyric Theatre.


...provide[s] unique information not found in other sources...recommended... American Reference Books Annual, vol. 38 (2007) Bloch, a conductor of professional and community orchestras, compiles this directory of archives in American libraries, historical societies, orchestra holdings, and private collections of materials not always available online that are related to specific conductors. He gathered the information mainly from surveys completed by librarians and archivists in 2002. Musicians, historians, and music lovers can use the volume to search alphabetically by conductor name or by institution, listed by state. Contact and location information, types of material (scores, correspondence, papers, recordings, films, and photographs), and accessibility are detailed under each name. Reference and Research Book News, November 2006 Bloch's book is the first ever to cover this important field of study. It will be useful to anyone interested in the documentation of the working lives of conductors whose careers were entirely or significantly spent in the United States and whose archives are held by American institutions. -- Melissa Ursula Dawn Goldsmith Fontes Artis Musicae, Vol 55, No 3
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