The Persians

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This historical overview of the Persian empires explores the king and his court, the organisation of the Empire, religion and culture, and art and architecture. Source citations enable readers to gain direct access to the written material.


1. The Archaemenids 1.1 Historical Survey 1.2 King and Court 1.3 Organisation and Administration of the Empire 1.4 Religion 1.5 Art and Architecture (Excursus I: The Creation of 'The Other': The Persians and the Greek-Persian Wars) 2. The Parthians (Arsacids) 2.1 Historical Survey 2.2 King and Court 2.3 Organisation of the Empire 2.4 Religion 2.5 Art and Architecture (Excursus II: The Parthians in the Eyes of the Romans) 3. The Sasanians 3.1 Historical Survey 3.2 King and Court 3.3 Organisation of Empire 3.4 Religion 3.5 Art and Architecture. Appendices. The Achaemenid Dynasty. The Arsacid Dynasty. The Sasanian Dynasty. Selected Bibliography. Index


'the work is an excellent introduction to these three ancient civilisations which combines a depth of research, and a wide focus with a lively literary style, which makes it an easy and highly enjoyable read... this work is an excellent introduction to the Achaemenid, Parthian and Sasanian civilisations, and takes a refreshing, non-western based, approach to ancient history.' - Gareth C. Sampson, BMCR
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