Napoleon's Doctors: The Medical Services of the Grande Armee

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März 2007



"Napoleon's Doctors" is the first comprehensive account in English of the medical services of the famed Grande Arme'e--a gripping story dominated by the Emperor, his loyal doctors, and the brutal realities of Napoleonic warfare. It contains eyewitness accounts of soldiers and doctors of the Grand Arme'e, Napoleon's attitude to his sick and wounded men and to his doctors, and the struggles of the French army doctors to gain respect and to survive campaigns including Egypt, the Peninsular War, the depths of Russia, and the final debacle at Waterloo.


The author: (Location: Yorkshire) is a Fellow of the Royal Colleges of Physicians and Pathologists and has a long-standing interest in the Napoleonic Wars. A companion volume to Dr Howard's Wellington's Doctors, also published by Spellmount Publishers.

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