Solar Electric Power Generation

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April 2006



This book thoroughly examines the technical parameters of photovoltaic systems, and appraises their net energy balance from production, operation and maintenance, to recycling. Similar performance and yield analysis is applied to optical, thermal, and electrical parameters and interfaces. Professor Krauter demonstrates how accurate yield calculations, optimal system performance, and new prototypes aid in cost reduction. Examples, tables and figures are included.


Photovoltaics.- Inverters.- Storage.- PV-Systems in the Tropics.- Energy Consumption for the Set-up of a PV Power Plant.- Energy Yield.- Energy Input by Dumping and Recycling.- Total Energy Balance.- Optimization.- Summary.



1963: Born in Goeppingen, Germany.
1988: Master in Electrical Engineering and Cybernetics at University of Technology Munich, Germany.
1992: Co-Founder of the International Solar Center Berlin.
1993: Ph.D. (Operation model of PV modules) at Prof. Rolf Hanitsch, University of Technology Berlin, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Germany
1994: Post-doc studies at Prof. Martin Green the University of New South Wales.
1995: Visiting professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1996: Winner of Berlin Solar price
1997: Co-founder of the Solon AG, joint-stock company for PV module production, Berlin
2002: Organizer and general chairman of RIO 02 - World Climate & Energy Event (continuation of that event in 2003, 2005 and 2006, since 2003 together with Latim America Renewable Energy Fair - LAREF)
Chairman at the World Council for Renewable Energies (WCRE) - Latin America Section
2003: Visiting Professor at the State University of Ceará, Brazil.
2004: Member of the Board of Directors of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES)
2005 Professor at University of Technology Berlin

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