Songs of Experience

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"Martin Jay is one of the most influential intellectual historians in contemporary America, and here he shows once again a willingness to tackle the 'big issues' in the Western cultural tradition. . . . A remarkable history of ideas about the nature of human experience."--Lloyd Kramer, author of "Threshold of a New World "
"A magisterial study of one of the most elusive, contested, and pervasively important concepts of the Western philosophical tradition. Ranging from epistemology and aesthetics to the philosophy of history, religion, and politics, "Songs of Experience brilliantly traces the major lines of theory and debate. Insightful, rich, and masterfully narrated, Jay's book sings with that well-tempered voice of erudition, synthetic intelligence, and generous grace that has become his enviable trademark."--Richard Shusterman, author of "Pragmatist Aesthetics
"This illuminating, provocative volume consolidates Martin Jay's standing as our leading modern intellectual historian. Ranging sure-footedly from ancient to postmodern discourse, Jay offers finely balanced readings of thinkers who have wrestled with the elusive concept of experience. Because Jay respects--and presents so clearly and sympathetically--positions different from his own, Songs of Experience gives readers the resources necessary to embrace or resist his own bold interpretations of philosophers from Kant and Burke through Dilthey and Dewey to Foucault and Rorty. This book will prove as indispensable to intellectual historians as the idea of experience itself."--James T. Kloppenberg, author of "The Virtues of Liberalism


1. The Trial of Experience": From the Greeks to Montaigne and Bacon
2. Experience and Epistemology: The Contest between Empiricism and Idealism
3. The Consolations of Religious Experience: Schleiermacher, James, Otto and Buber
4. Returning to the Body through Aesthetic Experience: From Kant to Dewey
5. Politics and Experience: Burke, Oakeshott and the English Marxists
6. History and Experience: Dilthey, Collingwood, Scott and Ankersmit
7. The Cult of Experience in American Pragmatism: James, Dewey and Rorty
8. Lamenting the Crisis of Experience: Benjamin and Adorno
9. The Poststructuralist Reconstitution of Experience: Bataille, Barthes and Foucault Conclusion


Martin Jay is Sidney Hellman Ehrman Professor of History at the University of California, Berkeley. Among his books are Refractions of Violence (2003), The Dialectical Imagination: A History of the Frankfurt School and the Institute of Social Research, 1923 - 1950 (second edition, California, 1996), Downcast Eyes: The Denigration of Vision in Twentieth-Century French Thought (California, 1993), and Marxism and Totality: The Adventures of a Concept from Lukacs to Habermas (California, 1984).


"Few in the humanities can rival Jay's omnivorousness or match his intellectual energy." - Terry Eagleton, London Review of Books "Songs of Experience is at once modest and extraordinarily ambitious. The erudition on display in this sweeping account of a central concept in Western philosophy over several hundred years is a wonder; the writing is clear, and the scholarship breathtaking. But it is modest in the sense that it does not announce its own point of view with any emphasis. Instead, the reader benefits from the author's openness to thinkers as unalike as Schleiermacher and Rorty, Oakeshott and Bataille. Jay makes sense of each thinker on his own terms - and that's because with his intellectual openness and his conceptual mediation, Jay indeed practices what he is so lightly preaching. An intellectual historian at the top of his game, he has shared his own experience of these ideas, texts, and writers. After reading this book, we can too." - Michael Roth, Bookforum "A magisterial study of one of the most elusive, contested, and pervasively important concepts of the Western philosophical tradition." - Richard Shusterman, author of Pragmatist Aesthetics"
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