The Quotable Jefferson

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More than any other Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson made his reputation on the brilliance of his writing, and few writers have said so much on so many subjects. This comprehensive book demonstrates that thoroughly.


PREFACE xi INTRODUCTION xxiii THOMAS JEFFERSON CHRONOLOGY lxiii The Thoughts and Words of Thomas Jefferson 3 Advice 3 Agriculture 6 America 12 The American Revolution 18 The Arts 21 Books 24 Cities, Countries, and Regions 31 The Constitution 50 Death 60 Dreams, Imagination, and Memories 64 Duty, Honor, and Citizenship 67 The Economy 77 Education and Knowledge 83 Family 97 Food and Drink 108 Foreign Affairs 112 Freedom and Liberty 116 Friends and Enemies 123 Government 132 Health, Medicine, and Exercise 173 History 181 Human Action and Interaction 186 Human Nature 227 Indians 242 Inventions and Ideas 246 Jefferson's Presidency 252 The Judiciary and Justice 258 Language 265 Life 273 Life's Difficulties 290 Love 296 The Military 298 Morality 300 The Natural World 310 Occupations 321 Pain and Pleasure 323 Peace 326 The People 329 Politics 331 The Press 342 Racism 351 Religion 352 Slavery 373 Travel 379 War 384 Women 392 Thomas Jefferson Describes His Contemporaries 397 Thomas Jefferson Described by His Contemporaries 442 Thomas Jefferson Describes Himself 490 JEFFERSON'S CORRESPONDENTS 501 BIBLIOGRAPHY 515 INDEX 519


John P. Kaminski is the founder and director of the Center for the Study of the American Constitution in the Department of History at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He is the director and coeditor of "The Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution" (nineteen volumes to date). He has written or edited sixteen other books, including three on Thomas Jefferson.


John P. Kaminski's work, the product of many years research and laborious editing, will help to familiarize readers with the world view of Jefferson, while placing his words in the correct context. The work, even in the light of the volumes on Jefferson already at hand, is a welcome addition for those wanting to understand the man in his own word. -- Patrick McNamara National Conservative Weekly This is an elegant collection of quotations... For those who enjoy their history in tasty tidbits and colorful personal language, this is a great book to dip into. Edmonton Journal This book will delight the casual reader and browser, but it is also a serious and carefully edited reference work. Whatever the subject, if Jefferson said something memorable about it, you are likely to find it here. Spartacus Educational If your family library contains no volume on Jefferson, John Kaminski's The Quotable Jefferson would be the perfect place to start. Every quotation is attributed to its source and it seems impossible that any reader who browses these pages would not be enticed to go more deeply into the life and history of Thomas Jefferson and in doing so, into the very heart of the nation of which he was so able a founder. -- Mary Garrett The Advocate
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