The Economics of Immigration and Social Diversity

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This volume is a collection of papers dedicated to the memory of the late Tikva Lecker. Professor Lecker's many interests included topics in labor economics, women and the economy, the economics of Judaism, the economics of migration and every aspect of the economic experience of immigrants and their descendants. Each chapter in this volume honors the memory of Professor Lecker by presenting research on a topic in which she was especially interested. "The Research in Labor Economics" series was started in 1977. Each volume consists of a collection of refereed research papers written by top economists. Recent volumes have hosted papers from D. Acemoglu, J.D. Angrist, D. Card, H. Farber, A. Kreuger, E. Lazear, G. Field, and J. Mincer, among others.


Part I: Immigration and the Economy 1. Is immigration good or bad for the economy? Analysis of attitudinal responses. 2. The Effects of incomplete employee wage information: A cross-country analysis. 3. The impact of immigrant dynasties on wage inequality. 4. Does immigration affect labor demand? Model and test. 5. Lenient Policy proposal for the struggle against illegal immigration. Part II: Group difference and economic achievement 6. The linguistic and economic adjustment of Soviet Jewish immigrants in the United States, 1980-2000. 7. Multi-generation model of immigrant earnings; Theory and application. 8. Ethnic origin and multidimensional relative poverty in Israel: A study based on the 1995 Israeli Census. 9. Immigrants in the Israeli Hi-tech industry; Comparison to natives and the effect of training. 10. What do wage differentials tell us about labor market discrimination? Part III: Social diversity and institutions. 11. Cultural diversity, status concerns and the organization of work. 12. Ethnic diversity, market structure and risk sharing in developing countries. 13. On the law of return in rural-urban interactions: An economic approach to solidarity with return migrants. 14. An economic perspective on religious education: Complements and sustitutes in human capital portfolio.'


Solomon W. Polachek is Distinguished Professor at the State University of New York at Binghamton (Binghamton University), where he has taught since 1983. He holds appointments in the Economics and Political Science Departments, and from 1996-2000 he served as Dean of the Arts and Sciences College. His Ph.D. is from Columbia University, and he has held post-doctoral fellowships at the University of Chicago, Stanford University, and Princeton.

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