The Business and Culture of Digital Games: Gamework/Gameplay

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April 2006



This book explores the lifecycle of digital games. Drawing upon a broad range of media studies perspectives with aspects of sociology, social theory and economics, Aphra Kerr explores this all-pervasive, but under-theorised, aspect of our media environment.
Written as an introductory text for media and game students this book aims present an overview of industry and scholary work on who makes games, where they get made, what kind of media and cultural form they are and who plays them and where.
The Business and Culture of Digital Games looks at:
- games as a new media form;
- the design, development and marketing of games;
- the use of games in public and private spaces.
Combining a theoretical and empirical analysis of the production, content and consumption of computer games, this book will be of interest to many students of media, culture and communication.


Digital Games as Text
Digital Games as Cultural Industry
Global Networks and Cultures of Production
Digital Game Players, Game Pleasures and Play Contexts
Non-Entertainment Uses of Digital Games


Aphra Kerr is Research Fellow at the Centre for Media Research at the University of Ulster and was previously Research Fellow at the Centre for Society, Technology and Media at Dublin City University


"I was intrigued by the behind-the-scenes information, as the book is riddled with interesting facts only those in the digital game industry know. Kerr offers a large amount of information . . . this is a timely book that contributes much to the understanding of video games and the culture associated with them."
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