Teaching Literacy Through the Arts

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Accessible and hands-on yet grounded in research, this book addresses the "whats," "whys," and "how-tos" of integrating literacy instruction and the arts in grades K-8. Even teachers without any arts background will gain the skills they need to bring music, drama, visual arts, and dance into their classrooms. Provided are a wealth of specific resources and activities that other teachers have successfully used to build students' oral language, concepts of print, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and writing, while also promoting creativity and self-expression. Special features include reproducible worksheets and checklists for developing, evaluating, and implementing arts-related lesson plans.


The Five W's of Integrated Arts. The Role of Music in Literacy Achievement. The Role of Visual Art in Literacy Achievement. The Role of Drama in Literacy Achievement. The Role of Dance and Movement in Literacy Achievement. Putting it all Together. Resources. Appendix A. Stormy Weather: Leading Purposeful Curriculum Integration with and through the Arts. Appendix B. Movin' Along: The Poetry of Transportation. Appendix C. Expressive Literacy within Musical Listening: The Moldau, a Symphonic Poem by Smetana. Appendix D. Haiku: Active Learning with and through the Arts. Appendix E. American Panoramas: A Literature-Based Integrated Arts Curriculum Unit. Appendix F. Jazz Listening Activities: Children's Literature and Authentic Music Samples.


Nan L. McDonald, EdD, School of Music and Dance, San Diego State University Douglas Fisher, PhD, Department of Teacher Education, San Diego State University


'Teachers know that children learn by doing and creating. This book gives teachers a deeper understanding of how to teach with and through the arts to increase literacy learning, and provides needed guidance and support. Demonstrated are ways in which a variety of art activities can be used to meet clear instructional goals.' - Dana Reisboard Korin, doctoral candidate, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 'This practical and meaningful book is among the first of its kind. Written by content experts who collaborated with dedicated teachers, the book articulates innovative activities and integrated instructional units that reflect the National Standards for Arts Education. Throughout, an abundance of comments and anecdotes from teachers demonstrate the impact of teaching through the arts to enhance literacy instruction.' - Robin A. Ward, PhD, University of Arizona
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