Cultural Psychology and Qualitative Methodology

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Qualitative methodologies in cultural psychology often lack the objective and verifiable character of quantitative analysis. Author Carl Ratner corrects this shortcoming by rigorously systematizing qualitative methods. The book discusses, for example, means of systematizing such subjective reports as interviews, letters, and diaries, which often yield valuable data that is not easily quantified. Ratner argues that "complex psychological phenomena are expressed through extended responses" and hence are best studied by new, more regularized qualitative methods that go beyond measuring simple, overt responses.


Shortcomings of Positivistic Methodology for Researching Cultural Psychology. Principles of Qualitative Methodology for Psychology. Qualitative Methodology for Describing the Cultural Character of Psychology. Qualitative Cultural Psychological Methodology and Science. Sociopolitical Underpinnings of Positivism and Qualitative Cultural Psychological Methodology. References. Index.


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