Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXV

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Dezember 2003



The 30th scientific meeting of the International Society on Oxygen Transport to Tissue (ISOTT) was held at the Western Conference Centre, UMIST, Manchester, in August 2002. It was attended by some 96 delegates and accompanying persons and there were 128 presentations.


1: Monitoring the Dynamics of Tissue Oxygenation In Vivo by Phosphorescence Quenching; D.F. Wilson, S. A. Vinogradov, V. Rozhkov, J. Creed, I. Rietveld, A. Patuszko. 2: Estimation of Cerebral Blood Flow in a Newborn Piglet Model of Neonatal Asphyxia; K. Okubo, T. Imai, M. Namba, T. Kusaka, S. Yasuda, K. Kawada, K. Isobe, S. Itoh. 3: Measurement of the Optical Properties of the Adult Human Head with Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy and Changes of Posture; T. S. Leung, C.E. Elwell, I. Tachtsidis, J.R. Henty, D.T. Delpy. 4: Partitioning of Arterial and Venous Volumes in the Brain Under Hypoxic Conditions; C.B. Wolff, C.H.E. Hong. 5: Variability of PCO2 Breath-By-Breath in Normal Man; C.B. Wolff, C.H.E. Imray. 6: Spectral Characteristics of Spontaneous Oscillations in Cerebral Haemodynamics are Posture Dependent; I. Tachtsidis, C.E. Elwell, Chuen-Wai Lee, T.S. Leung, M. Smith, D.T. Delpy. 7: NIRS Mediated CBF Assessment: Validating the Indocyanine Green Bolus Transit Detection by Comparison with Coloured Microsphere Flowmetry; G. de Visscher, V. Leunens, M. Borgers, R.S. Reneman, W. Flameng, K. van Rossem. 8: Simultaneous Assessment of Microvascular Oxygen Saturation and Laser-Doppler Flow in Gastric Mucosa; A. Fournell, T.W.L. Sheeran, L.A. Schwarte. 9: TSC and Hemorrhagic Shock; L.J. Giassi, J.L. Gainer. 10: Comparison of the Influence of Xenon vs. Isoflurane on Ventilation-Perfusion Relationships in Patients Undergoing Simultaneous Aortocaval Occlusion; J. Hofland, R. Tenbrinck, A.M.M. Eggermont, W. Erdmann. 11: Reevaluation of the Reliability of Cytochrome Oxidase Signal - Study of Cardiopulmonary Bypass; Y. Kakihana, T. Kuniyoshi, S. Isowaki, K. Tobo, E. Nagata, N. Okayama, K. Kitahara, T. Moriyama, T. Omae, M. Kawakami, Y. Kanmura, M. Tamura. 12: Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome in Patients after Blunt Thoracic Trauma: The Influence of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy; G.G. Rogatsky, E.G. Shifrin, A. Mayevsky. 13: Changes in Redox Status of Cerebral Cytochrome Oxidase during Periods of Hypoperfusion in Patients Undergoing Cardiopulmonary Bypass; J. Alder, J.F. Pickett, S. Stacey, I. McGovern, H. Bishop, M. Ward, R. Marks, M.S. Thorniley. 14: The Effect of Ischemia and Hypoxia on Renal Blood Flow, Energy Metabolism and Function In Vivo; D. Amran-Cohen, J. Sonn, M. Luger-Hamer, A. Mayevsky. 15: Oxygen and Oxidative Stress Modulate the Expression of Uncoupling Protein-5 In Vitro and In Vivo; P. Pichiule, J.C. Chavez, J.C. LaManna. 16: Age-Related Alteration of Brain Function During Cerebral Ischemia; N. Zarchin, S. Meilin, A. Mendelman, A. Mayevsky. 17: A Micro-Light Guide System for Measuring Oxygen by Phosphorescence Quenching; Leu-Wei Lo, D.F. Wilson. 18: A New Approach to Monitor Spinal Cord Vitality in Real Time; M. Simonovich, E. Barbiro-Michaely, K. Salame, A. Mayevsky. 19: How Proton Translocation Across Mitochondrial Inner Membranes Drives the Fo Rotor of ATP Synthase; M.G.P. McCabe, R. Bourgain, D.J. Maguire. 20: Applications and Benefits of a Non-Ionic Surfactant and Artificial Oxygen Carriers for Enhancing Post-Thaw Recovery of Plant Cells from Cryopreservation; M.R. Davey, P. Anthony, J.B. Power, K.C. Lowe. 21: Novel Injectable Gels for the Sustained Release of Protein C; M.V. Chaubel, Zhong Zhao, D.F. Bruley.<
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