Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics Volume 38

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Januar 1997



Foreword. Identical superdeformed bands (B. Hass). High spin spectroscopy of exotic nuclei (H. Grawe et al. ). Development of segmented Ge detectors for future gamma-ray arrays (J. Eberth et al. ). DIAMANT and EUROGAM: improvements in the observation limits and study of the 90 Ru and 44 Ti compound nuclei decay (M.M. Aleonard et al. ). Superdeformation around 144 Gd (R.M. Lieder et al. ). Single-step link from yrast SD band in 143 Eu (A. Axelsson at al. ). Vibrational excitations in deformed nuclei in rare-earth and actinide regions (V.G. Soloviev et al. ). Excitation and decay properties of the 13 1 o3 1 ;2 + > (J. Enders et al. ). Physics with GAMMASPHERE and beyond (I.Y. Lee). Coulomb excitation and transfer reactions (J. Gerl et al. ). Recoil distance transient field g-factor measurement using EUROBALL cluster detectors (A. Jungclaus et al. ). Shears bands in Pb isotopes (H. Hubel). The octupole susceptibility of superheavy nuclei (S. Cwiok et al. ). Cluster effects in 180 Hg (L.-O Jonsson). High-spin spectroscopy near the deformed N#Z#38 shell gap: the light Rb isotopes (K.P. Lieb et al. ). Physics with Ge-Miniball-arrays (D. Habs et al. ). Collective model description of high-spin states (S. Kuyucak). Relativistic description of high spin states (P. Ring, A.V. Afanasjev). Isotope shifts in the relativistic mean field theory (G.A. Lalazissis). Recent news from VAMPIR (K.W. Schmid). Complex MONSTER: a new model for large scale nuclear structure studies (E. Bender et al. ). Microscopic aspects of identical bands in the A=70 mass region (A. Petrovici et al. ). Nuclear structure calculations with realistic effective interactions (A. Covello et al. ). What shape is generated by the rotation of a hot spherical nucleus? (A.L. Goodman). K -Dependence in the gamma-decay of hot nuclei (M. Guttormsen et al. ). Study of band mixing in the rotational quasi-continuum (A. Bracco et al. ). Magnetic dipole properties in deformed nuclei (A. Faessler). A EUROBALL module at the S-DALINAC-investigation of elementary electric and magnetic excitation modes (P. von Neumann-Cosel). Study of f 7/2 N=Z nuclei at GASP (C.A. Ur et al. ). Deformed bands in xenon, barium and cerium nuclei (P. von Brentano et al. ). The triaxial rotation vibration model in the Xe-Ba region (U. Meyer et al. ). A mixed symmetry 2 + state in 132 Ce (I. Wiedenhover et al. ). Heuristic quantization of the cranking model (T. Nakatsukasa, Y.R. Shimizu). Structural change in the cranked HFB bands (K. Iwasawa et al. ). Signature inversion in odd-odd deformed nuclei (L.L. Riedinger et al. ). Giant resonances built on highly excited states: a test-ground for nuclear dynamics (V. Baran et al. ). New cold and ultra hot binary and cold ternary spontaneous fission modes for 252 Cf and new band structures with gammasphere (J.H. Hamilton et al. ). Study of isometric states in neutron-rich nuclei produced by spontaneous fission of 252 Cf (C. Gautherin et al. ).
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