Quality in Frozen Food

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November 1997



This book presents a comprehensive, integrated view of quality in frozen foods. It addresses quality from a number of perspectives: technological (mechanical and cryogenic methods of freezing); categorical (classification of quality loss); analytical (measurement of quality); theoretical (model building); applied (preventative treatments), and administrative (policy). The book focuses on the principles of freezing and the concepts of quality, and is therefore applicable to research and development of all types of products. Features include: technological and fundamental features of freezing; types of deterioration that occur in frozen foods; treatment to minimize quality losses during freezing and storage; methods to assess quality losses; strategies that impact a frozen product's quality and ultimate consumer acceptance.


Theoretical And Experimental Aspects Of Food Freezing.
Freezing Systems. Overview of Physical/Chemical Aspects of Freezing.
Measurement and Interpretation of the Glass Transition in Frozen
Foods. Modeling of Food Freezing. Quality Losses Associated With
Frozen Foods. Moisture Migration and Ice Recrystallization in
Frozen Foods. Freeze Cracking. Quality Deterioration in Frozen Foods
Associated with Hydrolytic Enzyme Activities. Protein Denaturation and
Functionality Losses. Lipid Oxidation: Flavor and Nutritional Quality
Deterioration in Frozen Foods. Relationship of Frozen Food Quality to
Microbial Survival. Techniques To Minimize Quality Losses.
Cryoprotectants for Improving Frozen Food Quality. Antioxidants and
Their Application to Frozen Foods. Edible Coatings and Films. Product
Composition and the Quality of Frozen Foods. Role of Packaging in
Quality Preservation of Frozen Foods. Monitoring of Quality in Frozen
Foods. Physical and Ultrastructural Measurements. Chemical
Measurements of Frozen Foods. Sensory Evaluation Methods to Measure
Quality of Frozen Food. Shelf Life Testing: Procedures and Prediction
Methods. Consumer Acceptance of Frozen Foods. Total Quality Management
in the Frozen Food Industry. Quality Enhancement. Index.
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