Basic Functions of Language, Reading and Reading Disability

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Mai 2002



This highly interdisciplinary project presents new results and the state of the art of knowledge in the psychology and neurophysiology of language, reading and dyslexia. It concentrates on basic cognitive functions of understanding and producing language and disorders within its spoken and written execution.The book grew out of the Basic Mechanisms of Language and Language Disorders conference held in Leipzig in September of 1999. The meeting was organized by the Psychological Institute of the University of Leipzig in cooperation with the Max Planck Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.


Preface. Introduction. Introduction To Basic Functions Of Language, Reading, And Reading Disability;
T. Lachmann, et al. From Language To Reading And Reading Disability: Cognitive Functions And Their Neural Basis;
A.D. Friederici, T. Lachmann.Basic Functions Of Language Acquisition And Language Comprehension. Context Effects On Lexical Processing During Auditory Sentence Comprehension. On The Time-Course And Neurological Bases Of A Basic Comprehension Process;
D. Swinney, T. Love. Measuring The Neural Dynamics Of Language Comprehension Processes;
J.D. Saddy, P. Beim Graben A Model Of Learning Syntactic Comprehension For Natural And Artificial Grammars;
P.F. Dominey. The Acquisition Of Verb Placement In German: A New Look;
J. Weissenborn. Merge As A Basic Mechanism Of Language: Evidence From Language Acquisition;
S.M. Powers. Basic Functions Of Reading. Cognitive Processes And Eye Movements During Reading;
M.S. Starr, et al. The Role Of Attention And Spatial Selection In Fluent Reading;
R. Radach, et al. The Effect Of Focusing On A Sentence In Japanese Reading Span Test;
M. Osaka, N. Osaka. Basic Functions Of Reading Disability. Reading Disability As A Deficit In Functional Coordination;
T. Lachmann. The Neurobiology Of Reading Difficulties;
J. Stein. A Sensory-Linguistic Approach To Normal And Impaired Reading Development;
J.B. Talcott, C. Witton. Anatomy Of The Temporal Processing Deficit In Developmental Dyslexia;
A.M. Galaburda Reading Disabilities In A Language With Transparent Orthography;
J.E. Jiménez González. Dyslexia, The Cerebellum And Phonological Skill;
A.J. Fawcett. Working Memory In Dyslexic Children: How General Is The Deficit? E. Witruk, et al. KindergartenPhonological Awareness And Rapid Serial Naming As Predictors Of Grade 2 Reading And Spelling;
J.K. Uhry. Phonological Recoding Problems In Children With Severe Congenital Speech Impairments: The Importance Of Production Speech;
A. Dahlgren Sandberg. Sublexical And Lexical Processing Of Young Adults With Learning Disabilities And Attention Deficit: Hyperactivity Disorder;
N. Gregg, et al. The Mismatch Negativity As An Index Of Auditory Dysfunction In Dyslexia;
T. Kujala. Index.
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