Cardiac Development

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August 2002



In 1982, as chance would have it again, an opportunity appeared to Jom the Department of Physiology at Kuwait University. P. Braveny spend four years there, teaching, doing some research, recovering former international contacts. Coming back home, he faced the same gloomy, motionless disfavor as before. November 1989 turned P. Bravenfs career upside down. Immediately after the fall ofthe communist regime, he was elected vice-dean and later dean ofthe Faculty of Medicine, promoted full professor in physiology and appointed the head of the Department ofPhysiology. From 1992 to 1998 P. Braveny served as the vice-rector of Masaryk University. His professional career culminated in his presidency of the XIV World Congress of ISHR in Prague. Understandably, in the following years, he become interested (in his tutor's footsteps) in history of physiology and pub­ lished two monoghaphs (E. Babak andV Kruta). This CV would be an incomplete one without mentioning his broad interests in natural sciences and in art, particu­ larly music and painting. As a tutored amateur he has acquired certain success in the latter. When reviewing P. Bravenfs whole-life work, largely done under adverse cir­ cumstances with minimum financial support, his almost two hundred papers, innu­ merable essays and four monographs are a commensurate result. In appreciation, he was awarded honorary membership of the Czech Medical Society, Physiological Society and Cardiological Society, Gold Medal of Masaryk University, Ministry of Education Award etc. Bohuslav Ostadal Makoto Nagano Naranjan S.


Preface: A Tribute to Pavel Braveny on his 70th Birthday & Photograph of Dr. Pavel Braveny. 1. Comparative Genetics of Heart Development: Conserved Cardiogenic Factors in Drosophila and Vertebrates; K. Gajewski, R.A. Schulz. 2. Microvascular Bed in Mammalian Hearts from Birth of Death of the Organism; K. Rakusan, N. Cicutti. 3. Expression of Angiopoietins (-1 and -2) in Embryonic Rat Hearts During Coronary Vessel Development; A. Ratajska, et al. 4. The Development of the Ventricular Conduction System: Transgenic Insights; D. Franco, A.F.M. Moorman. 5. Cell Interactions with Extracellular Matrix During Perinatal Development of Myocardium; J.-L. Samuel, et al. 6. A disintegrin and Metalloprotease (ADAMs) Family: Expression and Potential Roles in the Developing Heart; T.K. Borg, et al. 7. Cardiac Fibrosis During the Development of Heart Failure: New Insights into Smad Involvement; J. Hao, et al. 8. Developmental Changes in Calcium Channel Localization in Rat Heart: Influence of Thyroid Hormone and Pressure Overload; M. Wibo, F. Kolar. 9. T-Type and L-Type Calcium Currents Modulate Force in Embryonic Chick Myocardium; E.A. Schroder, et al. 10. Developmental Changes in Regulation of Cardiac Contractile Function; Y.-Y. Zhou, et al. 11. Developmental Changes of Sarcoplasmic Reticular Calcium Ion Transport and Phospholamban in Rat Heart; R. Vetter, et al. 12. Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Function in the Developing Heart; R.M. Temsah, et al. 13. Differences in Calcium Handling and Regulatory Mechanisms Between Neonatal and Adult Hearts; N.S. Dhalla, et al. 14. Metabolic DifferencesBetween Pediatric and Adult Hearts: Implications for Cardiac Surgery; M.-S. Suleiman, et al. 15. Molecular Phenotype of the Developing Heart With a Congenital Anomaly; T.H.F. Peters, et al. 16. Human Hibernating Myocardium-Development to Degeneration; A. Elsässer, et al. 17. Protection of the Developing Heart Against Oxygen Deprivation; B. OSt'ádal, et al. 18. Molecular and Pharmacological Aspects of the Developing Heart; S.S. Rathi, et al. 19. Increased Consumption of Vitamin A in the Heart Under Oxidative Stress; P.K. Singal, et al. Index.
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