Philosophy of Religion for a New Century: Essays in Honor of Eugene Thomas Long

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April 2004



Philosophy of Religion for a New Century represents the work of nineteen scholars presented at a conference in honor of Eugene T. Long at the University of South Carolina, April 5-6, 2002.
This volume is a good example of philosophy in dialogue; there is both respect and genuine disagreement. First, an account of our present situation in the Philosophy of Religion is given, leading to a discussion of the very idea of a 'Christian Philosophy' and the coherence of the traditional concept of God. The implications of science and a concern for the environment in our concepts of God are carefully examined. A discussion follows on the possibility of speech about God and silence about God. Since much of modern European philosophy is concerned with the `Death of God' theme, the positions of Nietzsche and some of his twentieth-century interpreters are presented. There are presentations on Feminist Approaches to Philosophy of Religion, and Comparative Religion is examined in relation to cultures and the demands of rationality. The volume concludes with a critical dialogue on the relation of Religious Discourse to the Public Sphere.
Developing global awareness has led to significant change in the Philosophy of Religion. One-dimensional approaches have given way to honest dialogue. The traditional boundaries between the secular and the religious have shifted, and new approaches to traditional problems are required. This volume presents examples of these new approaches.


List of Authors. Preface; J. Hackett, J. Wallulis. Philosophy of Religion for a New Century: Introduction; W. Power. The Future of Religion in the West: Prospects at the Beginning of a Millennium; L. Dupré. The Grammar of Transcendence; C.O. Schrag. Does Philosophy Tolerate Christening? Thomas Aquinas and the Notion of Christian Philosophy; J.J.E. Gracia. God in the Summa Theologiae: Entity or Event? F. Kerr. Morality and Scientific Naturalism: Overcoming the Conflicts; D.R. Griffin. Value Judgments, God and Ecological Ecumenism; F. Ferré. An Audience for Philosophy of Religion? D.Z. Phillips. What's a Philosopher of Religion to Do? R.L. Hall. Nietzsche and Christians with Beautiful Feet; A. Kee. The Religious (Re)Turn in Recent French Philosophy; T.R. Flynn. Instances: Levinas on Art and Truth; H. deVries. Appropriate Beginnings: Creation and Natality; P. Altenbernd Johnson. `Moralizing' Love in Philosophy of Religion; P.S. Anderson. The Role of Concepts of God in Cross Cultural Comparative Theology; R. Cummings Neville. God and Nothingness: Two Sides of the Same Coin? R.E. Carter. Universal Religion and Comparative Philosophy; K.E. Yandell. Religion and Politics, Fear and Duty; P.L. Quinn. On the Proper Roles of Secular Reason and Religious Reason in a Liberal Democracy; J.F. Harris. Eugene Thomas Long: A Brief Biography. The Works of Eugene Thomas Long. Index.
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