Groups, Rings, Lie and Hopf Algebras

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The volume is almost entirely composed of the research and expository papers by the participants of the International Workshop "Groups, Rings, Lie and Hopf Algebras", which was held at the Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, NF, Canada. All four areas from the title of the workshop are covered. In addition, some chapters touch upon the topics, which belong to two or more areas at the same time.
Audience: The readership targeted includes researchers, graduate and senior undergraduate students in mathematics and its applications.


Preface. Generalized Lie Solvability Of Associative Algebras; Y. Bahturin, S. Montgomery, M. Zaicev. Two-Sided Ideals Of Some Finite-Dimensional Algebras; S. Catoiu, W. Chin, L. Krop. On HNN-Extensions In The Class Of Groups Of Large Odd Exponent; S.V. Ivanov. Constructing Noetherian Algebras; E. Jespers. On Radicals Of Triple Systems; N. Kamiya. Some Results On Hopf Algebras Of Frobenius Type; Y. Kashina. Polynomial Identities In Hopf Algebras: Passman's Theorem And Its Dual; M. Kochetov. Nilpotent Subsets Of Hopf Module Algebras; V. Linchenko. On Hopf Algebra Extensions Arising From Semi-Direct Products Of Groups; M. Mastnak. An introduction to universal central extensions of Lie superalgebras; E. Neher. Non-Commutative, Non-Cocommutative Semisimple Hopf Algebras; Siu-Hung Ng. Self-Normalization Of Free Subgroups In The Free Burnside Groups; A.Yu. Ol'shanskii. Root Direct Limits Of Lie Superalgebras; C. Oseledets. Torsion Freeness Of The Unit Group Of 1 + Delta(G)Delta(A); M. Parmenter, S. Sehgal. Graded Identities And Induced Gradings On Group Algebras; S.K. Sehgal, M.V. Zaicev. Endo - Distributive And Endo - Bezout Modules; A.A. Tuganbaev.
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