A Hundred Years of English Philosophy

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This investigation is a historical review of twentieth-century analytical philosophy in England. In seven chapters, the intellectual development of its most prominent representatives - Moore, Russell, Wittgenstein, Ryle, Austin, Strawson, Dummett - is traced. The book offers synopses of the main philosophical texts of these seven philosophers. It will serve as a reference book covering all the central problems discussed by these seven authors.


Introduction. 1. Objectives and Authors. 2. Oxbridge Circles and Schools.
I: Cambridge Analytical Philosophy. 1. G.E. Moore - The Project for a New Philosophy. 1. Moore's Development in the Ambience of Cambridge Esoteric Philosophy. 2. Examination of Moore's Method. 3. Basic Points of Moore's Philosophy. 4. Tractatus Logico-Ethicus. 5. Epistemology and Truth. 6. First Theses of 'Analytical Scholastics'. 7. The Middle Moore. 8. The Later Moore. 9. Epilogue. Moore's Archimedean Point. 2: Bertrand Russell - The New Method as a Logic. 1. Russell Rejects Neo-Hegelianism. 2. The Turn of 1900 and Russell's Paradox. 4. Russell's Theory of Names. 5. The Historical Context of Russell's Theory of Descriptions. 6. Logic as the Organon of Philosophy. 7. Russell's Logic as Calculus Ratiocinator. 8. Epistemology and Ontology. 3: Ludwig Wittgenstein - Logical Meditations. 1. Wittgenstein's Method and System. 2. Logical Meditations. 3. Objects, States of Affairs, Propositions. 4. Implicit Metaphysics and Epistemology. 5. The Creative Turn. 6. The Dynamic Turn. 7. Was Wittgenstein a Philosopher of Language?
II: Oxford Analytical Philosophy. 4: Gilbert Ryle - The Analytical Method Explained. 1. First Theses in Philosophy. 2. Pursuit of Philosophical Logic. 3. The Method of the Mind. 4. Ryle's Philosophical Psychology. 5. Conceptual Examination. 6. Ryle's Plato. 7. The Unrealised Project on Thinking. 5: J.L. Austin - Analytical Philosophy as a Strict Science. 1. Introduction. 2. The Pre-War Austin. 3. The Turn of 1946. 4. Radical Epistemology. 5. Linguistic Phenomenology. 6. Austin as a Philosopher. 7. Linguistic Phenomenology Applied. 8. Doing Things with Words. 9. `Philosophical Fun'. 6: P.F. Strawson - The Justification Turn. 1. Forming Philosophical Institutions. 2. Strawson's 'Logical Neo-Traditionalism'. 3. Influences. 4. The Problem of Individuals. 5. Reconstruction of Strawson's Scheme of Individuals. 6. Logical Subjects. 7. Subject and Predicate Again. 8. Strawson's `Dilemmas'. 7: Michael Dummett - Revision of the Project. 1. Dummett's Approach. 2. Impacts. 3. Frege's Philosophy of Language. 4. Frege's Philosophy of Mathematics. 5. Basic Ideas. 6. Dummett's Philosophy of Language. 7. Theory of Meaning. 8. Dummett's Philosophy of Mathematics.
Bibliography. Index of Names. Index of Concepts.

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