Bulgarian Studies in the Philosophy of Science

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August 2003



This volume attempts to provide a new articulation of issues surrounding scientific realism, scientific rationality, the epistemology of non-classical physics, the type of revolutionary changes in the development of science, the naturalization of epistemology within frameworks of cognitive science and structural linguistics, models of the information technology revolution, and reconstructions of early modern logical systems. A common denominator of the authors' positions is the rejection of the post-modern deconstruction of the 'global philosophical accounts' of science's cognitive structure and dynamics. The volume takes on a dual task: it deals with major perspectives on philosophy of science 'after the end of post-positivism', and it represents basic philosophical controversies in an Eastern-European society 'after the end of state socialism'.


Preface; D. Ginev. Introduction; D. Ginev. Part I: Investigations in the General Philosophy of Science. The Danger of Catching Nature in Contradiction; S. Petrov. Scientific Rationality, Decision and Choice; V. Bouzov. The Information Technology Revolution: A New, Techno-Economic Paradigm; S. Spassov. Are Bifurcations of Human Knowledge Possible? A. Petrov. Part II: Philosophy of Physics. The Proliferation and Synthesis of Physical Theories; A. Polikarov. On Human Agency in Physics; M. Bushev. Part III: Philosophy and Logic. Leibniz's Logical Systems: A Reconstruction; V. Sotirov. The Logic Between Two Centuries; M. Tabakov. Part IV: Philosophy of Science and Cognitive Science. Idealized Cognitive Models and Other Mental Representations; D. Genova. Philosophy of Science Meets Cognitive Science: The Categorization Debate; L. Gurova. Three Words: Hypertext and Argumentation Readings of Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus; S. Radev. Part V: Philosophy of Science and the Continental Ideas. On Kant's Conception of Space and Time; A.S. Stefanov. How to Be Simultaneously an Antiessentialist and a Defender of Science's Cognitive Specificity; D. Ginev. Notes on Contributors.
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