Philosophy and Logic in Search of the Polish Tradition: Essays in Honour of Jan Wole Ski on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday

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November 2003



This volume contains papers on truth, logic, semantics, and history of logic and philosophy. These papers are dedicated to Jan Wolenski to honour his 60th birthday. Jan Wolenski is professor of philosophy at the Department of Philosophy of the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland. He is likely to be the most well-known Polish philosopher of this time, best known for his work on the history of the philosophy and logic of the Lvov-Warsaw School. Furthermore, he's published numerous books and articles dealing with various issues of epistemology and philosophy of language This collection is mainly addressed to researchers and graduate students in philosophy, logic, and history and philosophy of science.


Preface. Part I: Truth. A Minimalist Critique of Tarski on Truth; P. Horwich. Is Strong Correspondence (Theory of Truth) Possible? P. Materna. Content and Likeness Definitions of Truthlikeness; I. Niiniluoto. Absolute Truth in a Changing World; P. Simons. Part II: Logic and Semantics. On the Epistemology of Game-theoretical Semantics; J. Hintikka. Can Majority be Supervalued? K. Kijania-Placek. On Belnap's Branching Space-Times; T. Placek. Partially Interpreted Henkin Quantifiers; G. Sandu. Tarski and Lesniewski on Languages with Meaning versus Languages without Use; G. Sundholm. Part III: History of Logic and Philosophy. Ajdukiewicz on Language Change and Truth; T. Czarnecki. Alfred Tarski and a Watershed Meeting in Logic: Cornell, 1957; S. Feferman. On Thinking about the Mental and the Physical; H. Hochberg. Bernard Bolzano's `Wissenschaftslehre' and Polish Analytical Philosophy between 1894 and 1935; W. Künne. Dispositions, Their Bases and Correlates - Meinong's Analysis; K. Mulligan. Reactions to the Discovery of the Incompleteness Phenomenon; R. Murawski. Truthmakers, Truthbearers and the Objectivity of Truth; A. RojszczakDAGGER, B. Smith. The Extension of the Concept Abolished? Reflexions on a Fregean Dilemma; C. Thiel. Selected Bibliography of Jan Wolenski's Works. Index of Names.


Jaakko Hintikka is the author or co-author of thirty volumes and of some 300 scholarly articles in mathematical and philosophical logic, epistemology, language theory, philosophy of science, history of ideas and history of philosophy, including Aristotle, Descartes, Leibniz, Kant, Peirce, The Bloomsbury Group, Husserl and Wittgenstein. He has also been active in international scholarly organizations, most recently as the First Vice-President of FISP, Vice-President of IIP and Co-Chair of the American Organizing Committee of the Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy. He has been Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal Synthese and the Managing Editor of Synthese Library since 1965.


"Considering the impressive list of contributors and the remarkable array of investigations that stand in the forefront of contemporary research, this is, without a doubt, a very good and recommended volume." (Natan Berber, The Review of Modern Logic 10:3-4, issue 32, 2005-2007)
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