Nanostructures: Synthesis, Functional Properties and Applications

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Dezember 2003



The book emphasizes the development of useful implementations and applications of nanotechnology. One key issue addressed is how to access, from the macroscopic world, the extremely high information density of nanostructured systems. One way to do this is by using bio-inspiration - techniques where we apply lessons learned from living systems to design new materials with localized feedback mechanisms. Specifically, the book evaluates the most advanced and innovative syntheses of nanostructures, the most novel properties and functionalities and the most potential applications as components of advanced technological systems and as materials tailored for a great variety of special needs.


Preface. List of NATO ASI Proceedings Contributors. 1: Nanostructures and Nanotechnology. Perspectives and New Trends; T. Tsakalakos. 2: Synthesis of Nanostructures. Engineering of Nanostructured Materials; M. Muhammed. Size and Shape of Expitaxial Nanostructures; R.S. Williams, R. Mederiros-Ribeiro. Molecularly Assembled Interfaces for Nanomachines; V.V. Tsukruk. Shape Fabrication of Cotton-Derived Inorganic Hollow Ribbons; A.B. Bourlinos, et al. 3: Nanobiotechnology. Nature and Nanotechnology; S.C. Goheen, et al. 4: Processing and Consolidation. Genesis of Nanosized Particles, Grains, and Interfaces in the Rate-Controlled Processes of Synthesis and Sintering of Ceramics; A.V. Ragulya, V.V. Skorokhod. 5: Modelling and Mechanical Behaviour. Impact of Grain Boundaries on Structural and Mechanical Properties; H. van Swygenhoven, et al. Current Status of Grain Growth Modelling with Special Reference to Nanocrystalline Materials; C.S. Pande, R.A. Masumura. Discussion about Scaling Effects in Metal with a Continuum Mechanics Approach; S. Pommier, et al. 6: Mechanical Properties of Nanomaterials. Defects and Deformation Mechanisms in Nanocrystalline Materials; L.A. Ovid 'ko. Scale Dependent Anelasticity and Mechanical Behavior: the Case of Nanocrystalline Materials; E. Bonetti, et al. Bulk Nanostructured SPD Materials with Advanced Properties; R.Z. Valiev, I.V. Alexandrov. Heavily Drawn Eutectoid Steel: A Nanostructured Material; A. Phelippeau, et al. 7: Nanocrystallization and Phase Transformations in Nanostructured Materials. Cluster and Structure of the Amorphous State and (Nano)Crystallization of Rapidly Quenched Iron and Cobalt Based Systems; P. Svec, et al. The Influence of the Grain Boundary Phase Transitions on the Properties of Nanostructured Materials; B.B. Straumal. Atomic Ordering as a New Method of Producing a Nanostructure; A.I. Gusev, A.A. Rempel. Particularities of Martensitic Transformations in Nanostructured Fe-MN System Obtained by Mechanical Alloying; L. Yu, et al. 8: Nanostructured Films and Coatings. Misfit Defects in Nanostructured Films; A.E. Romanov. Microstructural Development of Ti-A1 Thin Films During Annealing; S.E. Romankov, B.N. Mukashev. Nanostructured Metal Oxide Films with Room Temperature Gas Sensing Properties; G. Kiriakidis, et al. Achievement of Nanocrystalline Structures after Thermal Annealing Amorphous W-SI-N Sputtered Films; A. Cavaleiro, P. Marques. Microwave Joining of ZrO2 and Al2 O3 Ceramics via Nanostructured Interlayers; Yu.V. Bykov, et al. 9: Characterization of Functionalized Nanostructures. Surface Chemistry and Functionalization of Semiconducting Nanosized Particles; M.I. Baraton. Spectroscopic Characterization of Nanocrystalline V/Ce Oxides for Novel Counter Electrodes; Z.C. Orel, A. Turkovic. Characterization of Nanocrystalline Alloys by Mössbauer Effect Techniques; M. Miglierini. Nanostructured Magnetic Films Investigated with Lorentz Transmission Electron Microscopy and Electron Holography; J.M. deHosson, et al. 10: Magnetic Properties of Nanostructures. Phase Separation in CMR Materials: the Role of Spin Nanoclusters; A. Simopoulos, et al. Effects of Interfaces on the Properties of Nanostructured Ni-[Cu(II)-C-O] and CoCrPt Films; G.M. Chow. Electroplating and Electroless Deposition of Nanostructured Magnetic Thin Films; N. Sulitanu. 11: Quantum Dots. Quantum Dot Semiconductor Lasers; V.M. Ustinov. 12: Nanowires. Nanoclustered Films and Nanowires; V.M. Fedosyuk. 13: Ferroelectric Properties of Nanomaterials. Optical Characterization of Mechanical Properties of Thin Films and Structures; S. Tamulevicius, L. Augulis. Optically Active Silicon Nanostructures Prepared from Implanted Si by Annealing at High Hydrostatic Pressure; A. Misiuk, I.E. Tyschenko. Nanoelectrodes on Silicon for Electrochemical Applications; A.I. Kleps, et al. Effect of Gas Environment on the Recombination Properties of Nanostructured Layer-Silicon Interface; S. Litvinenko, et al. 15: Applications of Nanostructures. Synthesis and Novel Application of Nanomaterials in Tungstate, Titania and Silicon Nitride Systems; C. Balazsi. Applications of Functional Nanocomposites; T. Tsakalakos, et al.
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