Globalisation, Trade Liberalisation, and Higher Education in North America: The Emergence of a New Market Under NAFTA?

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This volume analyzes the emerging relationship between trade liberalisation, post-industrialisation, and higher education policy in Canada, Mexico, and the USA. In separate case studies, the authors analyze higher education policy in Canada, Mexico, and the USA using a common theoretical framework that identifies economic globalisation, international trade liberalisation, and post-industrialisation as common structural factors exerting a significant, if often indirect, influence on higher education in the three countries. This study - the result of trilateral co-operation between three scholars in Canada, Mexico, and the USA - is the first effort to document the extent of NAFTA's impact on higher education. It is of interest to university professors working in higher education, economics, and political science; professionals and researchers in higher education associations, and non-governmental organizations involved in higher education policy. This text can also be used as a supplemental text in graduate courses on higher education policy and administration or courses on international higher education.


Figures and Tables
1 Globalisation, Trade Liberalisation, and the Knowledge Economy
2 The Premise and the Promise of North American Higher Education
3 Globalisation, NAFTA, and Higher Education in the USA
4 Globalisation, NAFTA, and Higher Education in Canada
5 Globalisation, NAFTA, and Higher Education in Mexico
6 The Triumph of the Market Model in North American Higher Education
Appendix A The Wingspread Statement
Appendix B The Vancouver Communiqué
Appendix C Members of the North American Consortium for Higher Education Collaboration
Appendix D USAID/ALO Higher Education Linkage Project
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