Voices of the American People, Volume 1

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This collection of primary sources includes both classic and lesser-known documents describing the rich mosaic of American life from the pre-contact era to the present day. The sources, both public and private documents--ranging from letters, diary excerpts, stories, novels, to speeches, court cases, and government reports--tell the story of American history in the words of those who lived it.


� Part One: A Colonizing People, 1492â 1776
Chapter 1â Ancient America and Africa
â ¢ Pima Creation Story (Traditionalâ Ancient)
â ¢ Dekanawida Myth and the Achievement of Iroquois Unity (ca. 1500s)
â ¢ Duarte Barbosa, Excerpt from A Description of the Coasts of East Africa and Malabar in the Beginning of the Sixteenth Century (1518)
Chapter 2â Europeans and Africans Reach the Americas
â ¢ Christopher Columbus, Letter to Luis de Santâ Angel (1493)
â ¢ �lvar N��ez Cabeza de Vaca, â Indians of the Rio Grandeâ (1528â 1536)
â ¢ Bartholom� de Las Casas, â Of the Island of Hispaniolaâ (1542)
â ¢ Jacques Marquette, from The Mississippi Voyage of Joliet and Marquette (1673)
â ¢ Thomas Mun, from Englandâ s Treasure by Foreign Trade (1664)
Chapter 3â Colonizing a Continent in the Seventeenth Century
â ¢ John Smith, â The Starving Timeâ (1624)
â ¢ Baconâ s Rebellion: The Declaration (1676)
â ¢ John Winthrop, â A Model of Christian Charityâ (1630)
â ¢ Excerpt from the Trial of Anne Hutchinson (1637)
â ¢ Gottlieb Mittelberger, The Passage of Indentured Servants (1750)
â ¢ Elizabeth Sprigs, Letter to Her Father (1756)
â ¢ Olaudah Equiano, The Middle Passage (1788)
Chapter 4â The Maturing of Colonial Society
â ¢ William Bull, Report on the Stono Rebellion (1739)
â ¢ William Byrd II, Diary (1709)
⠢ Michel-Guillaume-Jean de Cr�vecouer, from Letters from an American Farmer (1782)
â ¢ Benjamin Franklin, â Upon Hearing George Whitefield Preachâ (1771)
â ¢ Jonathan Edwards, from â Sinners in the Hands of an Angry Godâ (1741)
â ¢ James Oglethorpe, Establishing the Colony of Georgia (1733)
Chapter 5â The Strains of Empire
â ¢ John Dickinson, from Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania (1768)
â ¢ Address of the Inhabitants of Anson County to Governor Martin (1774)
â ¢ Patrick Henry, â Give Me Liberty or Give Me Deathâ (1775)
� Part Two: A Revolutionary People, 1775â 1828
Chapter 6â A People in Revolution
â ¢ Judith Sargent Murray, â On the Equality of the Sexesâ (1790)
â ¢ Molly Wallace, Valedictory Oration (1792)
â ¢ â Petition for Access to Educationâ (1787)
Chapter 7â Consolidating the Revolution
â ¢ George Washington, The Newburgh Address (1783)
â ¢ Publius (James Madison), Federalist Paper #10 (1788)
â ¢ George Mason, â Objections to This Constitution of Governmentâ (1787)
Chapter 8â Creating a Nation
â ¢ Benjamin Banneker, Letter to Thomas Jefferson (1791)
â ¢ George Washington, Farewell Address (1796)
â ¢ The Alien and Sedition Acts (1798)
â ¢ Marbury v. Madison (1803)
â ¢ Meriwether Lewis, Journal (1805)
Chapter 9â Society and Politics in the Early Republic
â ¢ Tecumseh, Letter to Governor William Henry Harrison (1810)
â ¢ Missouri Enabling Act (1820)
â ¢ The Monroe Doctrine (1823)
� Part Three: An Expanding People, 1820â 1877
Chapter 10â Economic Transformations in the Northeast and the Old Northwest
â ¢ Albany Daily Advertiser on the Erie Canal (1819)
â ¢ The Harbinger, Female Workers of Lowell (1836)
â ¢ Mary Paul, Letters Home (1845, 1846)
Chapter 11â Slavery and the Old South
â ¢ Nat Turner, Confession (1831)
â ¢ Benjamin Drew, Narratives of Escaped Slaves (1855)
â ¢ Frederick Douglass, Independence Day Speech (1852)
â ¢ George Fitzhugh, â The Blessings of Slaveryâ (1857)
Chapter 12â Shaping America in the Antebellum Age
â ¢ Andrew Jackson, First Annual Message to Congress (1829)
â ¢ â Memorial of the Cherokee Nationâ (1830)
â ¢ Charles Finney, â Religious Revivalâ (1835)
â ¢ Nathaniel Hawthorne, A Letter from Brook Farm (1841)
â ¢ Dorothea Dix, Appeal on Behalf of the Insane (1843)
â ¢ William Lloyd Garrison, from The Liberator (1831)
â ¢ Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Declaration of Sentiments (1848)
Chapter 13â Moving West
â ¢ John L. Oâ Sullivan, â The Great Nation of Futurityâ (1845)
â ¢ Jos� Mar�a S�nchez, from â A Trip to Texasâ (1828)
â ¢ Thomas Corwin, Against the Mexican War (1847)
â ¢ Henry David Thoreau, from â Civil Disobedienceâ (1849)
â ¢ Elizabeth Dixon Smith Greer, Journal (1847â 1850)
â ¢ Chief Seattle, Oration (1854)
Chapter 14â The Union in Peril
â ¢ Harriet Beecher Stowe, from Uncle Tomâ s Cabin (1852)
â ¢ The Ostend Manifesto (1854)
â ¢ Dred Scott v. Sanford (1857)
â ¢ John Brown, Address to the Virginia Court (1859)
Chapter 15â The Union Severed
â ¢ James Henry Gooding, Letter to President Lincoln (1863)
â ¢ Jefferson Davis, Second Inaugural Address as President of Confederate States of America (1862)
â ¢ Clara Barton, Medical Life at the Battlefield (1862)
â ¢ Theodore A. Dodge, from Civil War Diary (1863)
â ¢ Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address (1863)
â ¢ Abraham Lincoln, Second Inaugural Address (1865)
Chapter 16â The Union Reconstructed
â ¢ Mississippi Black Codes (1865)
â ¢ A Sharecrop Contract (1882)
â ¢ Congressional Testimony on the Actions of the Ku Klux Klan (1872)
â ¢ Civil Rights Cases (1883)
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