The Correspondence of Alfred Marshall, Economist

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November 2005



This is the second of a three-volume work constituting a comprehensive, scholarly edition of the correspondence of the English economist, Alfred Marshall (1842-1924), one of the leading figures in the development of economics and the founder of the Cambridge School of Economics. The edition fills a long-standing gap in the history of economic thought with hitherto unpublished material. Students will find it a basic resource for understanding the development of economics and other social sciences in the period since 1870. In particular, it provides much new information about Marshall's views on economic, social and political issues, his struggles to promote the teaching of economics at the University of Cambridge, and his relations with colleagues in Cambridge and elsewhere. Marshall's letters are notable for their frankness and spontaneity.


List of manuscript collections;
Biographical register;
Chronology 1891-1902;
List of letters reproduced in Volume 2;
Letters 333-732;
Appendix I. Reports of Marshall's speeches to the Cambridge University Senate, 1891-1902;
Appendix II. Marshall's speech at the meeting to promote a memorial for Henry Sidgwick, November 26, 1900.


"... Whitaker has produced an exceptional resource not only for Marshall scholars, but for ecnomists and historians generally. We are in his debt." E. Roy Weintraub, Journal of Economic Literature
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