Pathway to Inclusion: Voices from the Field

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This edited volume candidly uncovers the inside experiences of different educational inclusion programs for special needs students by focusing on the perspectives of students, teachers, parents, university faculty, and administrators. These voices are often silenced by professional discourses concerned with identification, assessment, placement, or practice. Pathway to Inclusion is intended for practicing and prospective teachers, administrators, related professionals, and family members of children with special needs.


Chapter 1 List of Tables and Figures Chapter 2 Preface Chapter 3 Acknowledgments Chapter 4 Poem Chapter 5 The Voice of the Filed of Special Education: Historical Context and Issues: Alan R. Cohen; Collaboration Among General and Special Educators: Problems and Solutions: Anne Mungai Chapter 6 The Voice of Administrators: Rethink our Policy and Practice: Anne Mungai and Devin Thornburg; Designing and Implementing and Ethical and Effective Inclusion Program: A District Administrator's Perspective on Professional Development: Howar Chapter 7 The Voice of the Teachers: Snapshots of Inclusion in an Elementary Classroom: A New Teacher's Perspective: Lori Berman Wolf; I Can't Teach Children With Disabilities! I'm Not a Special Education Teacher: An Inclusive Classroom from the Perspe Chapter 8 The Voice of the Parents and the Students: When Inclusion Excludes: Janis Seminara; Including the Excluded: A Different Perspective: Joanne Robertson Chapter 9 Practical Recommendations: Recommendations for Teaching Students with Behavior Problems: Jessica Singer-Dudek; The Greatest Joy of All: Education English Language Learners with Special Needs: Elizabeth Ann Schemitsch; Up Close and Person Chapter 10 About the Contributors


Anne Mungai is an Associate Professor of Special Education and Director of the Special Education Graduate Program at Adelphi University. Professor Mungai holds a Ph.D. in Education from Michigan State University. She is the author of Growing Up in Kenya: Rural Schooling and Girls (Peter Lang Publishers, 2002). Esther Kogan is an Associate Professor of Education and Director of the Early Childhood Graduate Program at Adelphi University. Professor Kogan holds an Ed.D. in Special Education with a specialization in the Education of Gifted and Talented Children from Columbia University. She is the author of Gifted Bilingual Students: A Paradox? (Peter Lang Publishers, 2001).
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