France During World War II: From Defeat to Liberation

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Juni 2006



In this concise, clearly written book, Thomas and Michael Christofferson provide a balanced introduction to every aspect of the French experience during World War II. Synthesizing a wide range of scholarship, the authors integrate political, diplomatic, military, social, cultural, and economic history in this portrait of a nation and a people at war. Here is a chronicle of the battles and campaigns that stained French soil with blood. Here, also, is the full historical context of the war--its origins, realities, and aftermath--in French society. The authors pay particular attention to the key failures of institutional France--especially the officer corps, political elites, and the Catholic Church. They also assess the controversial history of the Vichy regime and the German occupation, in carefully crafted accounts of resistance and collaboration, Vichy's National Revolution, and the fate of France's Jews. Accessible to both students and general readers, France during World War II develops a full understanding of the actors, events, issues, and controversies of a turbulent era.


THOMAS R. CHRISTOFFERSON is William R. Kenan, Jr., Professor of History Emeritus at Drew University. His publications include The French Socialists in Power, 1981-1986: From Autogestion to Cohabitation. MICHAEL S. CHRISTOFFERSON is Associate Professor of History at The Pennsylvania State University, Erie. His publications include French Intellectuals Against the Left: The Antitotalitarian Moment of the 1970s.


"Will be a useful and helpful starting point for students of French history and the history of the Second Wolrd War, and for members of the general public interested in this complex and controversial period."
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