Chaos, Nonlinearity, Complexity

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September 2006



This book explores non-extensive statistical mechanics in non-equilibrium thermodynamics, and presents an overview of the strong nonlinearity of chaos and complexity in natural systems, drawing on relevant mathematics from topology, measure-theory, inverse and ill-posed problems, set-valued analysis, and nonlinear functional analysis. It offers a self-contained theory of complexity and complex systems as the steady state of non-equilibrium systems, denoting a homeostatic dynamic equilibrium between stabilizing order and destabilizing disorder.


Chaos, Periodicity and Complexity on Dynamical Systems.- Foundations of Nonextensive Statistical Mechanics.- Critical Attractors and the Physical Realm of q-statistics.- Non-Boltzmannian Entropies for Complex Classical Systems, Quantum Coherent States and Black Holes.- Power Law and Tsallis Entropy: Network Traffic and Applications.- The Role of Chaos and Resonances in Brownian Motion.- Models of Finite Bath and Generalised Thermodynamics.- Quantum Black Hole Thermodynamics.- Complexity in Organizations: A Paradigm Shift.- Chaos, Nonlinearity, Complexity: A Unified Perspective.


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