Living with the Chip

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November 1994



The incredible progress in microelectronics over the last 20 years has led to a whole range of products that have invaded and often reshaped our lives. Technologies currently being deployed or in the laboratory, such as the information super highway, virtual reality, instantaneous language translators and artificial nerves promise to further revolutionise our lives. This book, written by a distinguished member of the microelectronics community in collaboration with a leading journalist, seeks to bridge the gap between the microelectronics community and the general public. The evolution of the technology is explained with its social and economic effects, showing the forces shaping the industry and concluding with a glimpse of the ideas currently under development in the worlds' electronics laboratories.


Foreword. What does the chip do for me? The pioneers. How the chip became an industry. Where are we now? How does it happen? Who are the players? Triumphs and disasters. Living with the chip-makers. What can we expect? Imagination.


This book captures the excitement of the chip industry - Dr Gordon Moore, Chairman, Intel Corporation; A unique book which unveils the history and potential of the chip ... an important work - Doug Dunn OBE, Chairman, Philips Semiconductors; I have enjoyed reading it ... the book is fascinating in the insights it provides - Professor Harroon Ahmed, Professor of Microelectronics, University of Cambridge; This book gives ordinary people the chance to understand what chip engineers, chip companies and the electronics industry have done in the past 50 years -Professor Shoji Tanaka, University of Tokyo and Vice President, International Superconductivity Technology Centre; A fascinating chronicle of the past, a clear explanation of the present and a compelling vision of the future ... a great read for industry insiders and an essential one for those wanting to understand the industry shaping the future - Dr William H Davidow, General Partner, Mohr Davidow Ventures, San Fransisco, USA and author of The Virtual Corporation; The best history of the chip industry I have read ... darn it, I've lived it - Dick Skipworth, Chairman, Memec plc; One of the great untold stories of the computer age - PC Magazine
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