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August 1998



"Inventing a New Colour": "Godfrey's appealing first play is, with its ominous signs of disjunction, like a surrealist painting."--"Guardian" "A Bucket of Eels": "Danger gives ... Godfrey's wonderful play its drama. Six young people enter a Freudian forest of their own imaginings."--"Financial Times" "Once in a While the Odd Thing Happens": "A fictional-biographical account of Benjamin Britten ... lyrical, poetic prose, sinuous, swift, eloquent, and dramatic."--"Sunday Times" "The Blue Ball": "An inquiry into the magic of space and exploration ... a rather interesting, idiosyncratic, and well-written play."--"Observer" Paul Godfrey: "So good, so nervy and alert with imagination and intelligence."--"Sunday Times"

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Untertitel: 'Methuen Contemporary Dramatist'. Empfohlen von 1 bis 17 Jahren. Sprache: Englisch.
Erscheinungsdatum: August 1998
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