Handbook of Environmental Economics: Valuing Environmental Changes

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Much applied environmental economics is concerned with the valuation of changes in environmental quality. Obtaining reliable valuation estimates requires attention to theoretical and econometric issues that are often quite subtle. Volume 2 of the Handbook of Environmental Economics presents both the theory and the practice of environmental valuation. It synthesizes the vast literature that has accumulated since the publication of the Handbook of Natural Resource and Energy Economics two decades ago. It includes chapters on individual valuation methods written by researchers responsible for fundamental advances in those methods. It also includes cross-cutting chapters that deal with aspects of welfare theory, uncertainty, experimental methods, and public health that are pertinent to valuation. Throughout the volume, attention is paid to research and policy issues that arise not only in high-income countries, where most of the theory and econometrics that underlie applied valuation methods have been developed, but also in poorer parts of the world. The volume provides a state-of-the-art reference for scholars and practitioners alike.


Preliminary Contents: Welfare theory and valuation (N. Bockstael, A. Myrick Freeman III). Environmental values, risk, and uncertainty (A. Fisher, K.-G. Maler). Valuing the environment as a factor of production (K. McConnell, N. Bockstael). Recreational demand models (D. Phaneuf, V.K. Smith). Property value models (R. Palmquist). Stated preference methods (R.Carson, M. Hanemann, T. Beatty). Cognitive processes in stated preference methods (B. Fischhoff). Experimental methods and valuation (J. Shogren). Quantifying and valuing environmental health risks (W. Kip Viscusi, T. Gayer).


"Summarizing this handbook, it is obviously more theoretically oriented, but as in the industrial organization a lot of theoretical problems have to be analyzed carefully, and this is done in these chapters. Hence, I can highly recommend this handbook to every reader who is interested in a more theoretical treatment in this area."--Public Choice 2010, vol. 145 PP319
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