An Introduction to Analog and Digital Communications

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Februar 2006



A highly accessible and applied introduction to communication theory
Simon Haykin and Michael Moher's Second Edition of Introduction to Analog and Digital Communications offers an accessible introduction to analog and digital communications and serves as an introductory treatment of communication theory. It is filled with an abundance of insightful examples, problems, and computer experiments. Throughout the text, the authors emphasize the practical relevance of the theory wherever appropriate, and keep the mathematical treatment at an easy-to-grasp level.
Key Features
* Includes two new chapters: Chapter 10, Digital Signals and Noise, and Chapter 11, System Noise and Calculations.
* Motivates learning through practical applications--from the Internet, to networks, to the common radio--and a historical background of communication systems.
* Offers a robust set of problem sets, examples, and exercises.
* Includes an abundance of examples worked out in detail, to help students develop an intuitive grasp of the theory in addition to MATLAB experiments.
* Helps you master the concepts by applying what you've learned to problems following the discussion of the fundamental concepts.
* Provides additional end-of-chapter problems that extend the theory covered in the text.
"I was impressed with Haykin/Moher's: Introduction to Analog and Digital Communications, 2e and the straightforward comprehensive material coverage of the basic principles of communication theory. Also, the text is written with easy to follow and understand mathematical equations and examples. Absolutely, I would like to use this textbook for my communications systems class as soon as possible."
--Andrei Petrov, Idaho State University
"Overall, I found the concepts are clearly explained, the chapters are well motivated by their introductions, 'Lessons to be learned' at the beginning of each chapter are particularly appealing, and concluded with well put summaries. A very well-written introductory text to grasp the basics of communication systems."
--Aylin Yener, Pennsylvania State University


Representation of Signals and Systems
Pulse Modulation and Digital Signaling
Analog and Digital Modulation Techniques
Electrical Noise
Optimum Receivers for Data Communication
Multiplexing Techniques
Multiple-Access Systems
Appendix A Power Ratios and Decibels
Appendix B Bessel Function
Appendix C System Noise Calculations
Appendix D Mathematical Tables


SIMON HAYKIN, PhD, is University Professor and Director of the Adaptive Systems Laboratory at McMaster University.
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