The Irish in Us: Irishness, Performativity, and Popular Culture

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Februar 2006



A colleciton that looks at how Irishness has become a discursive commodity within popular culture.


Contributors. Natasha Casey, Maeve Connolly, Catherine M. Eagan, Sean Griffin, Michael Malouf, Mary McGlynn, Gerardine Meaney, Diane Negra, Lauren Onkey, Maria Pramaggiore, Stephanie Rains, Amanda Third


Diane Negra is Senior Lecturer in the School of Film and Television Studies at the University of East Anglia. She is the author of "Off-White Hollywood: American Culture and Ethnic Female Stardom" and a coeditor (with Jennifer M. Bean) of "A Feminist Reader in Early Cinema," also published by Duke University Press.


"The essays in this collection are to Irish studies what B. B. King and the Chicago Blues are to the Delta Blues: they draw on an existing body of work, virtuosically extend it, and at the same time electrify it, creating new forms in the process. In this respect, this collection is the book that many in Irish studies have been waiting for." Margot Backus, author of The Gothic Family Romance: Heterosexuality, Child Sacrifice, and the Anglo-Irish Colonial Order "Diane Negra has built a dynamic cultural studies anthology from the sophisticated research of a new generation of scholars. 'Irishness,' still an attractive or scandalous stereotype, is here understood through reflection on nation, ethnicity, class, and gender--reflection that is in turn animated by the obtuseness of 'Irishness' in its newly global situation. Expressing a variety of views through vivid examples, this anthology becomes itself exemplary." Dudley Andrew, Yale University
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