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Rome's new emperor Catligula has become a power-crazed puss in this animated sequel to "I Am Spartapuss." Excited when asked to interview for a position at the Imperial Palace, Spartapuss eagerly takes his friend's advice to look his best and attaches a shiny Fleagyptian coin to his collar--and unknowingly becomes a slave to the coin and its mate, worn by Catligula. Countless capers with his mystic friend Tefnut ensue as Spartapuss struggles to remove the coin and its curse--including a visit to a psychic mouse (the Moracle) and a fur-raising encounter with a giant albino snake--only to find that the coin has him playing a central part in Catligula's crazy schemes and paw-deep in devious palace business.


Robin Price is a former editor and producer for www.FoxKids.co.uk.


'Cat-tastic!' LONDON EVENING STANDARD 'A truly hilarious story... One of the UK's brightest new authors.' TEACHING AND LEARNING MAGAZINE '...Packed with more catty puns than you ever thought pawsible, this witty Roman romp is history with cattitude.' SCHOLASTIC JUNIOR MAGAZINE Reviews about the Spartapuss series: 'Two paws up! A stylish, witty, and thoroughly engaging tale that will captivate young and older readers alike. One grows so fond of old Sparty you're left hoping that he indeed has nine lives worth of stories to come. A writer to keep an eye on.' Tanuja Desai Hidier, author of Born Confused (Winner of the London Writer's Award for Fiction 2001)
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