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September 2005



With the potential for cloning already a reality, today's teens will soon have to face some major ethical questions. Who has a right to determine a person's genetic make-up? And how will we treat our genetic underclass? In Pure, fifteen-year-old Lenni is a gifted healer to some and to others only skidge-an illegal genetic experiment gone horribly wrong. Set in a future where genetic engineering of humans is forbidden, this novel tells of Lenni's escape from Dawn, a community controlled by the Genetic Purity Council.


"iPure is a fascinating read O Krossing successfully engages the reader and raises several ethical questions that provide further food for thought. Pure is a welcome addition to the speculative fiction genre, and is a fascinating and thought-provoking novel that will not easily be forgotten.i"
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Verlag: Second Story Press
Erscheinungsdatum: September 2005
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