How to Craft Successful Business Presentations: And Effective Public Speaking

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Juli 2006



Too many managers don't have what it takes to carry a good presentation. And they know it. Equally they know that to acquire the skill is to join an admired few, upwardly mobile managers. So motivation to learn is strong and rewarding. On browsing the book, readers will see the checklist approach and the carefully crafted structure that immediately conveys these skills. They will understand that this is a book of unique accessibility. Here they will learn techniques and methods of planning research and structuring information that will create inescapable conclusions by their recipients. They will be successful.


Patrick Forsyth runs Touchstone Training & Consultancy, an independent firm based in the UK specialising in marketing consultancy, research and training on marketing issues, sales, communication and management skills. He is a consultant of more than twenty years experience and was a Director of a major consulting organisation before starting his own firm in 1990. Previously he began his career in publishing, holding sales, sales management and marketing positions, subsequently working for a management institute before moving into consultancy. His work has spanned many industries, and also many countries. In training he conducts tailored in-company courses and individual tutorials. He also conducts public seminars and has presented regularly for a variety of organisers including The Institute of Management and similar bodies overseas. He is the author of many successful business, self-help and career books, including How to Craft Successful Business Presentations. His books have been translated into more than twenty different languages.

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