Marine Geochemistry

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Since 1980 a considerable amount of scientific research dealing with geochemical processes in marine sediments has been carried out. This textbook summarizes the state-of-the-art in this field of research providing a complete representation of the subject and including the most recent findings. The topics covered include the examination of sedimentological and physical properties of the sedimentary solid phase. A new chapter describes properties, occurrence and formation of gas hydrates in marine sediments. The textbook ends with a chapter on model conceptions and computer models to quantify processes of early diagenesis.


The Solid Phase of Marine Sediments.- Physical Properties of Marine Sediments.- Quantification of Early Diagenesis: Dissolved Constituents in Pore Water and Signals in the Solid Phase.- Organic Matter: The Driving Force for Early Diagenesis.- Bacteria and Marine Biogeochemistry.- Benthic Cycling of Oxygen, Nitrogen and Phosphorus.- The Biogeochemistry of Iron.- Sulfur Cycling and Methane Oxidation.- Marine Carbonates: Their Formation and Destruction.- Influence of Geochemical Processes on Stable Isotope Distribution in Marine Sediments.- Manganese: Predominant Role of Nodules and Crusts.- Quantification and Regionalization of Benthic Reflux.- Input from the Deep: Hot Vents and Cold Seeps.- Gas Hydrates in Marine Sediments.- Conceptual Models and Computer Models.



From the reviews of the second edition:
"This volume will provide a high-level reference book in marine geochemistry for post-graduates and post-doctoral researchers in the earth sciences. ... In summary, this book provides a broad coverage of marine-sediment (bio)geochemistry. It is clearly written and well illustrated, with excellent diagrams and graphs. The quality of photographs, figures and layout is high. The price is affordable for students. ... I recommend it to all those entering this field at the M.Sc level or higher." (Vesselin Dekov, Journal of Sedimentary Research, August, 2007)

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