Entering Emerging Markets

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This book describes the strategies and processes of a multi-national US corporation applied in entering emerging markets around the globe. It details the structured approach, innovative ways and concerted efforts involved. Executives learned how to gain footholds in unknown territory and how to deal with complexity and diversity. This process was strongly supported by sharing of learning and resources within the company, and with the local partners, thus creating mutual added value.


Regions in Transition.
The 21st Century Has Entered the Door.
An Unprecedented Market Scenario.
The Exploration and Pre-Startup Phase.
The Startup Phase.
The Consolidation Phase.
The Maintenance and Expansion Phase.
Added Value of Market Entry Strategies.
Field Experiences in Virgin Markets.
The Crucial Role of Corporate Functions.
A New Challenge for Human Resources.
Looking Backward and Looking Forward.
Different Regions - One Mission.
The Price for Freedom and Prosperity.


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