Handbook of Recording Engineering

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September 2005



John Eargle's 4th edition of The Handbook of Recording Engineering is the latest version of his long-time classic hands-on book for aspiring recording engineers. It follows the broad outline of its predecessors, but has been completely recast for the benefit of today's training in recording and its allied arts and sciences.

Digital recording and signal processing are covered in detail, as are actual studio miking and production techniques -- including the developing field of surround sound. As always, the traditional topics of basic stereo, studio acoustics, analog tape recording, and the stereo LP are covered in greater detail than you are likely to find anywhere except in archival references.

This book has been completely updated with numerous new topics added and outdated material removed. Many technical descriptions are now presented in Sidebars, leaving the primary text for more general descriptions.

Handbook of Recording Engineering, Fourth Edition is for students preparing for careers in audio, recording, broadcast, and motion picture sound work. It will also be useful as a handbook for professionals already in the audio workplace.


Foundations in Acoustics.- Acoustics in the Modern Studio.- Psychoacoustics: How We Hear.- Microphones.- Microphones: Basic Principles.- Microphones: The Basic Pickup Patterns.- Environmental Effects and Departures from Ideal Performance.- Microphones: Electronic Performance and the Electrical Interface.- Microphone Accessories.- Recording Systems: Analysis, Architecture, and Monitoring.- Basic Audio Signal Analysis.- Recording Consoles, Metering, and Audio Transmission Systems.- Monitor Loudspeakers.- Recording Technology.- Analog Magnetic Recording and Time Code.- Digital Recording.- The Digital Postproduction Environment.- Signal Processing.- Equalizers and Equalization.- Dynamics Control.- Reverberation and Signal Delay.- Special Techniques in Signal Processing.- Recording Operations.- Fundamentals of Stereo Recording.- Studio Recording and Production Techniques.- Classical Recording and Production Techniques.- Surround Sound Recording Techniques.- Production Support Functions.- Mixing and Mastering Principles.- Music Editing and Assembly.- Consumer Media.- Recorded Tape Products for the Consumer.- Optical Media for the Consumer.- The Stereo Long-Playing (LP) Record.- Studio Design Fundamentals.- Recording Studio Design Fundamentals.
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