Dialogue and Learning in Mathematics Education

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Dialogue and Learning in Mathematics Education is concerned with communication in mathematics class-rooms. In a series of empirical studies of project work, we follow students' inquiry cooperation as well as students' obstructions to inquiry cooperation. Both are considered important for a theory of learning mathematics. Special attention is paid to the notions of `dialogue' and `critique'. A central idea is that `dialogue' supports `critical learning of mathematics'. The link between dialogue and critique is developed further by including the notions of `intention' and `reflection'. Thus a theory of learning mathematics is developed which is resonant with critical mathematics education.


Acknowledgements. Introduction. 1. Communications in the Mathematics Classroom. 2. Inquiry Co-operation. 3. Further Development of the Inquiry Co-operation Model. 4. Dialogue and Learning. 5. Intention and Learning. 6. Reflection and Learning. 7. Critique and Learning. 8. Critical Epistemology and the Learning of Mathematics. References. Name Index. Subject Index.
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